EPO Patent Data Day 2021’

by | Apr 15, 2021 |


File Bulk data products and services – Sonia Kaufmann
File DOCDB in XML status report – Vesna Vajsbaher Sofie Leplae
File OPS useful links – Vesna Vajsbaher
File EP Register XML extraction news – Martin Kracker Georg Schivy
File Future addition to data Tania Malmierca, Lubomira Kirilova, Brigitte Baillard
File EPO activities related to WIPO Standards and related initiatives Domenico Gelzio
File EPO publication data – Klaus Baumeister
File Linked open EP data and EP Fulltext data for text analytics – Martin Kracker
File European Publication Server -Patrick Le Gonidec
File Prior Art Data in the era of Machine Learning AI and RPAutomation – David Horat
File Inpadoc legal event data Christian Soltmann
File Inpadoc worldwide legal event data in XML – Sofie Leplae
File The INPADOC classification scheme – Sonia Kaufmann Christian Soltmann