DPMA Meetings


File 14. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 31.01.2018

File Presentation to the 14. PatCOM-DPMA Meeting (Hubert Rothe)

File 13. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 25.01.2017

File Presentation: Update on DPMA patent information
activities (Hubert Rothe)

File 12. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 16.02.2016

File Presentation: Statistical figures (Hubert Rothe)

File Presentation: Recent Developments in Online Search Services of the DPMA (Hubert Rothe)

File 11. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 28.01.2015

File 10. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 07.11.2013

File 9. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 29.11.2012, final Version

File 8. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 06.12.2011, final Version

File 7. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 23.09.2010, Draft 1

File 6. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 1.10.2009

file 5. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 17.11.2008

File 4. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 27.09.2007, final Version

File 3. Minutes PatCom-DPMA 12.10.2006, finalVersion

File Minutes DPMA und PatCom 20.09.2005

File Short Summary DPMA-PatCom 05.10.2004

File Minutes DPMA-PatCom 05.10.2004


GPTO Presentations on 17.09.2008 in Munich:


File DPMAregister

File IPC8

GPTO Presentations on 05.10.2004 in Munich:

File DEPATISnet – DPMApublikationen

File GPTO IP Information Policy

File Ergebnisse der Nutzerumfrage

File DEPATISconnect – DPMA Datenabgabe

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