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The PatCom Mission

PatCom Mission statement

The Patent Committee, “PatCom”, is an organization of commercial intellectual property information providers. All PatCom members individually strive to obtain accurate, complete, up to date and high-quality global IP information, in bulk, which they can in turn enhance, distribute, and license to their own customers for commercial usage. “High-quality” incorporates timeliness, completeness, consistent formatting, and accuracy of data.

PatCom exists to further these aims collectively, by maintaining an open dialogue with leading national and regional Intellectual Property Offices, which make data available commercially. Discussions cover issues such as data quality, licensing, availability, currency, historic data, and development of intellectual property information. Through these discussions, PatCom is able to learn at an early stage of forthcoming legal and procedural changes which will have implications for services they provide to their customers, and plan accordingly.

IP Offices benefit from a close collaboration with PatCom by ensuring that their data is optimally distributed and enhanced with value added information to a large community of IP professionals and end-users in a variety of organizations. PatCom members are well placed to provide insights to IP Offices on how to most effectively deliver their bulk patent data.

In addition, PatCom seeks to widen the availability of patent data, by establishing and maintaining relationships with the IP Offices and to encourage the provision of bulk data on a commercial basis.
PatCom members are competitors. Nonetheless, sharing the common goal of obtaining highest quality, original patent, and other intellectual property information in bulk and at a fair price from the IP Offices. PatCom members find it beneficial to work together on issues which lie at the heart of the IP legal and information profession. PatCom’s discussions with the IP Offices help keep information interests high on the IP Office agenda and enable PatCom member organizations to secure, expand and grow provision of IP information for the benefit of all.

January 2024